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About Me


I have more than 20 years of experience working with packaging development and strategy within companies, such as Sony Mobile, SonyEricsson, BRIO and Ericsson Mobile. Today, I help large and small, global and local companies to develop new packaging or to improve existing packaging.

I have both holistic and detailed knowledge of the whole packaging value chain, which helps me drive packaging projects without any loose ends.

Packaging is often thought of at the end of a new product project when very little time is left to spend on the packaging development. Shortcuts to save time sometimes work, but can often be very costly and, in the end, perhaps delay the product launch.

I would like to change this and help my clients make great sustainable packaging, produced efficiently at a reasonable cost, and on time.

A good packaging strategy and process improve the possibility to develop good packaging from the beginning without the need for shortcuts. I can assess your packaging process, find the obstacles and suggest a solution or a new process to improve the packaging flow.

How I Work


To design packaging entails more than the making of an artwork or a construction and to design great packaging, you need to understand the product, the brand values, the consumer, the sales channels, the production requirements, the materials, the supply chain, the packing process, the transport and logistics.

If you define all requirements from the beginning, it is easier to understand which packaging is the best for your product and company and for everyone to aim at this target from the start. It is also possible to estimate time, cost and risks at a much earlier stage. You will get a better packaging design at a better cost, and on time.

This is nothing new in project management, but we seldom work like this in the packaging industry. An improved holistic perspective with detailed packaging knowledge, together with an open mind for new ways to co-operate is needed.

Sustainable Packaging

Design For Sustainability IT SHOULD BE A HYGIENE FACTOR There are many things to consider if you want sustainable packaging. A good way is to DESIGN YOUR PACKAGING FOR SUSTAINABILITY from the start, taking the whole value chain into consideration. The first you think of is

Working in Network

Expertise When You Need It My extensive packaging network includes people specialized in many different areas, such as CAD, 3D printing, illustration and graphics. But I also have a large network of suppliers to fit large or small production volumes, hard or soft packaging, boxes

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I develop packaging from idea to customer for B2B, retail and online.

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